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Neuropsychological Testing

The primary goal of a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment is to determine a child’s distinct pattern of strengths and challenges. Assessments are uniquely tailored to each child’s individual needs and the areas of concern identified by parents teachers and/or individual therapists. 


ADHD, learning disabilities, executive functioning deficits, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), anxiety and mood symptoms, behavioral difficulties, social challenges, developmental delays, giftedness, and school readiness.


Results from the in-depth neuropsychological evaluation are used to develop a plan to improve social, emotional, and academic functioning.

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These types of tests evaluate areas such as cognition, learning, memory, language, visual motor skills, attention, intelligence, organizational skills, behavior and emotion with the goal of gaining insight to support or rule out a specific diagnosis.


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Testing Process

Intake Session

Assessment & Testing

Feedback Session

  • Collect background & presenting problem information

  • Identify & clarify needs for testing

  • Schedule testing appointment

  • Administration of tests

  • Test scoring, data integration, report-writing & treatment planning

  • Construction of psychological report and determination of diagnosis

  • Receive psychological report, explanation of findings and diagnosis

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