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What are the hours at Main Street Counseling Solutions?

Every therapist is in charge of their own hours. When you are paired up with a therapist together you will decide what days and times would work best for the both of you. 


How do I set up an appointment?

To make an appointment, please call us for an intake appointment: (847)220-7298

If it seems like the therapist and client are a good fit, you will schedule your first session appointment.

If you do not want to make the initial call and would rather we initiate it, you can send us a message instead. 

How long are the sessions?

Most sessions are 50-60 minutes. 

Is there a long wait time?

We understand the pain of waiting when going in to see the doctor. Why schedule a time when you know you are going to be waiting forever? We know how busy people are and are not in the business of wasting your time. We pride ourselves on being on time. If we are running late to a session, it is only by a few minutes. 

Do you offer video or phone sessions?

Often times our therapist will provide phone and video sessions, however, our practice policy is that phone and video sessions are not the primary forms of treatment. 

Does Main Street Coulsening Solutions have a cancellation policy?

Yes. If you miss a session without informing your therapist within 24 hours you will be charged a no show fee, unless it was an emergency. 

Do you work with LGBTQ+ individuals?

Yes. Our practice is LGBTQ+ affirming. 


How long will I have to go to therapy? 

That really depends on the individual. 

Some people come in focused on a specific goal to treat. While others are unsure of what they need. Our practice is client-focused. together, we will decide when you feel ready to end therapy and what that would look like. Often times I have clients come in every few months for "check-ins" to make sure they are staying on track with the progress they had made in sessions. 

What can I expect in the first session? 

The first session is al about gathering information. We will talk about what brings you in and what about your life or your child's life you would like to improve. This is called an intake appointment. 

Do I have to talk about things I do not want to talk about? 

Our therapists would never make you talk about something you did not want to talk about. However, if the therapist feels talking about it would help your treatment, they may encourage you to talk about it but would never force you to. 

What is the best way to get in touch with my provider at Main Street Counseling Solutions?

The best way would be by email or phone unless another method was discussed between yourself and the therapist. 

What are your fees and payment options? 

We accept checks, cash, and all major cards. 


Does Main Street Counseling Solutions accept insurance?

Currently, we are a self-pay practice and do not accept insurance. However, most insurance companies likely provide some coverage for out-of-network counseling services. You will be provided a superbill so that you can submit it to be reimbursed directly, of your plan allows. 

Have you ever been in therapy?

Yes! It changed my life and I highly recommend giving it a try.