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How do I make an appointment?

Email or call us to set up a time to connect. We can chat about therapy and answer all or questions. If you want services at MSC we will set up an intake session. CLICK HERE TO CONNECT.

Is therapy awkward?

Often times people fear therapy will be awkward or they won't know what to say. The truth is we do this all day! To us having these discussions is comfortable but we understand for our clients it can be difficult. Just remember it's our job to carry the conversation and help you explore what you want to work on so take the pressure off yourself!

Do I need to have a diagnosis?

No! You do not need a diagnosis to benefit from therapy. However, insurance companies will often not cover your sessions without a diagnosis.

How long is a session?

Our sessions are typically 50-60 minutes. We will often start a client out with weekly therapy. As clients progress the therapist and client will decide together when it is time to start bi-weekly sessions then moving to monthly or as needed.

Do you offer virtual sessions?

We do! Since COVID-19 we have been, and continue to, offer virtual sessions. Some clients choose to do a mixture of in-person and virtual. If the client is under the age of 13 we do recommend in-person session. 

Do I have to talk about things I do not want to?

No! We do not force anyone to talk about things they do not want to! We are aware that starting therapy is a process. Some people share everything the first session. Others build trust over time and share more after building that trust. If there is a topic you are not ready to talk about that is okay! Therapy is your space to talk about what you want! There is not timeline. 

Do you work with LGBTQIA+ community?

Yes, all of our therapist do! 

Do you accept insurance?

Yes we accept BCBS PPO. If you have a different insurance company we do send you a monthly super bill. You can turn in a super bill to your insurance company for out of network reimbursement. Reminder: everyone insurance is different we recommend reaching out to them before scheduling services. 

Have you personally been in therapy?

Yes! All of our therapist have been and/or are currently in therapy. It is important that we do the work we ask you to do.

For any other questions send us a message!