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My name is Lindsay! I am a therapist for children and teens, Tedx speaker, co-founder of Main Street Counseling and co-founder of a non-profit for women who have experienced a pregnancy loss. During the pandemic I became a mental health advocate/content creator and have gained a following of over half a million on social media. In my free time I coach a middle school competitive cheer team. While coaching I noticed how many of my athletes had the talent, coping skills and social support to be confident but struggled with overthinking and negative self-talk. This made me focus on growing their mental strength as a coach. Throughout this process I found techniques and activities that helped them grow their confidence the most.  Watching the change in my athletes inspired me to bring this off the cheer mat and into my office. Working in a variety of leadership roles and wanting to empower middle schoolers to dream big I created the Leadership Workshop for Middle Schoolers. Pulling together building confidence and teaching the leadership skills that got me where I am today.

Leadership Workshop

July 10th - August 14th | Wednesday's 12pm - 1:15pm

July 10th - August 14th | Wednesday's 1:30pm - 2:45pm

This 6 week workshop will be broken into two parts:

Pt. 1: learning and group discussion on topics like...

  • Confidence

  • Friendships

  • School Stress

  • Social Media

  • Conflict Resolution & Modeling Leadership

  • Coping Skills & Self Talk


Pt 2: The girls will work together to create a philanthropy project. This project will help them gain leadership skills and give back to the community. This project will be 100% theirs and my role will be there to guide them with executing their plan!

*To make this the best experience for the girls participating there will be a max of 8-12 participants per group.  


Smiling Woman

Ella M.

The leadership workshop taught me so many skills like how to feel confident when I'm nervous. It also was so much fun at the same time!

Happy Girl

Grace N.

I loved working on the project together. When I first learned what we were doing I thought there was NO way we could actually do it but we did! This group helped me learn that I can do things I never thought I could. 

Young Girl


Before this group I struggled with overthinking and worried about what everyone thought of me. This group made me realize there is so much more in life than the friend drama and school stressors I used to only focus on! Since this group I feel more confident and worry less!

Soccer Player

Mental Strength in Sports

Date TBD | 9am-12pm

Incoming 6th-8th graders

Often times the hidden opponent in sports is our mental game i.e., anxious thoughts, negative self talk and lack of mental resilience skills. For example 70% of young athletes in the US stop participating in organized sports by age 13 due to burnout. Therefore, we created this 1 day workshop to teach our youth how to conquer the hidden opponent through moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.
Athletes with a fixed mindset believe that people either have skills and abilities or they do not. They may be more emotional, and may get caught up in their failures or shortcomings, comparing their ability levels to other athletes. They are more focused on training outcomes than on the process itself.

Athletes with a growth mindset believe that skills can be improved through hard work, challenges are opportunities to test oneself, and feedback is a learning tool. They are often more focused on the process than on training outcomes. This creates emotional resilience and confidence in themselves and their team!

Speaking Events

I speak and run custom workshops for schools, sports teams, groups and conferences. When keynote speaking I share my journey with mental health challenges and tangible skills to build mental strength. During workshops myself and Stacy, co-founder of MSC, create hands on learning focusing on the specific needs of the audience. 

Some common topics:

  • Performance Anxiety 

  • Confidence 101 

  • Coaching with Mental Health in Mind 

  • Mental Strength in Sports


Not sure where to start or looking to work with Lindsay in another capacity? Reach out.

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