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Licensed therapists Lindsay Fleming and Stacy McCarthy give realistic advice with cross-generational perspectives. The two own and run their own successful therapy practice, Main Street Counseling. Their combined areas of expertise range from teen issues and social media to parenting and life transitions. We're a cross-generational mental health media brand on a mission to foster a safe space for parents, preteens, and everyone in between to gain perspective and practical, actionable insight while navigating life.

Hosted by Licensed Therapists Lindsay & Stacy

TAKE Two Explained

Lindsay & Stacy know bettering your mental health can feel overwhelming! This is why they created a framework for a two minute check-in you can implement daily.  You can simply use it as a literal skill of taking two minutes to do something for your mental health or in moments emotions are high to take two minutes to pause. They also created a more specific framework of TAKE Two if you are someone who likes structure and is looking to gain awareness & grow your mental strength. Tune in every week to hear Lindsay & Stacy talk about a different mental health topic and give you a weekly TAKE Two challenge!



Take two minutes to check in with yourself.


You can do this in the shower, every morning, or before bed. You can also do this anytime you feel your emotions rising. 



Ask yourself: 

Feeling - one word to describe what I am feeling 

Thoughts - what do my thoughts sound like 

Behavior - what am I doing/thinking of doing 



Ask yourself what do I need right now? 

or Am I reacting or responding?

Ex: do I need a break from this conversation? Do I need to set boundaries? Do I need to call a friend or take a walk?


Engage in Plan

Plan it out! 

Do something in this moment to help yourself!

Ex: take deep breaths, write out what boundary you want to set, or go for a walk, etc. 



Lindsay & Stacy's Story

While Lindsay was coaching a competitive cheer program she met Stacy. They bonded over their love of mental health promotion and prevention work. Together they opened a practice and are now hosting a podcast together! This podcast is filled with laughs, Tiktoks, storytelling, and mental health tips and tricks. Lindsay & Stacy do not shy away from sharing their personal journeys and leaning into their generational gap. 


Lindsay Fleming, LPC

Clinically, Lindsay works with children, teens, and young adults. She focuses her work on Anxiety, ADHD, and behavioral concerns.


On Social Media, Lindsay grew a platform of over half a million followers and has been featured in media such as Good Morning America, New York Times, ACA, and more. She also gave a Tedx talk on investing in mental health. 

Lindsay continues to coach middle school competitive cheer and co-created a non-profit for women who experience pregnancy and infant loss. Recently Lindsay got married and had Stacy by her side as a bridesmaid.


Stacy McCarthy, LPC

Stacy’s clinical practice focuses on anxiety, life transitions, women’s mental health and parenting issues. She has worked with children and teens for over a decade but in the past few years has concentrated on the emotional wellness of adults.


Because she relates to the challenges of women in the workplace and modern day parenting, she is passionate about providing support to others struggling with overwhelm. Stacy stayed home when her kids were young and is open about the high-highs and low-lows of that time. She has worked outside of the home in school, agency, law firm and private practice settings. She has been featured in Vice News and other articles, sharing tips for managing anxiety. 


When she isn’t working with Lindsay on the podcast or practice, she is busy at home with her 3 kids and 3 dogs. 

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