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Welcome to MSC

Located in Park Ridge & Lakeview


We understand the constant stress and pressure of daily life. You don't have to shoulder the burden alone. Whether you are looking for support for you or your child we are here to help.


We provide a safe space to process emotions, develop new skills, build resilience, & create lasting change. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your family.

Don't know where to start or what you need? We are here to help you figure it out.

Now providing Neuropsychological Assessments


Our Mission


Stacy and Lindsay opened their practice together in October of 2019 with a mission to provide quality comprehensive mental health services. They built their practice by focusing on the needs of the community, tailoring MSC to fill the gaps. Focusing on providing individualized therapy for children, adolescents, and adults struggling with Anxiety Disorders, ADHD, Depression, Life Transitions, and more.

MSC was founded on the mission of providing exceptional therapeutic care to our community and continues to expand that commitment on a global level through prevention work, clinical support, & advocacy.


Through these sessions, we aim to understand your child/teen's unique experiences, emotions, and challenges, and develop personalized strategies to address them.

More and more young adults are struggling with their mental health during this specific life transition time. In therapy we help you identify where you are getting stuck, built stronger relationships and develop coping skills to manage life's stressors.

Individual therapy is a space to explore the things in life that may not be working for you. It is a wise and proactive way to improve yourself and learn healthier ways to manage how you feel and think about your life, relationships, home, work and the world around you.

Every child has different needs and supporting a child with mental health struggles is not something you have to do on your own. As therapists we are here to help you gain insight, learn parenting strategies and manage the ups, downs and daily challenges of life as a parent. We also have certified SPACE therapists.

School Partnerships

  • St. Paul of the Cross, DePaul College Prep & St. Juliana

    • We provide direct clinical support and SEL programing
  • Speaking

    • We provide educational talks for the students, classes, and parents on mental health related topics. 
    • Some examples of our recent work:
      • DePaul College Prep - Spoke to incoming freshman parents about school anxiety and setting up your kids for success​
      • Maine South High School - Spoke on pathways to becoming a therapist, spoke to AP Psych classes on social media and mental health

We have been featured on & have collaborated with... 

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We are here to help

Not sure what you need or where to start?

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