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 Individual Therapy 

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 Parent Coaching 

Indivdual Theapy

Individual Therapy Services
Our therapists are seasoned experts, trained in facilitating a safe and non-judgmental space for healing and growth. Through talk therapy, clients learn healthy ways of processing and expressing emotions, communicating and interacting with others, self-talk and coping with circumstances we can and cannot control. Our clients receive individualized treatment plans followed by evidenced-based treatment.

Common Presenting Concerns Treated at MSC

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Children & Adolescents

Anxiety & OCD


Difficulty with Life Transitions

Greif & Loss

Family Conflict

Academic Difficulty/Stress



Behavioral Concerns


Understanding Gender/Sexuality

Self-esteem & Confidence

Friendship/Relationship Concerns


Anxiety & OCD

Relationship Issues


Generalized Anxiety


Stress & Conflict

Life Transitions


Greif & Loss


Behavioral Issues

Understanding Sexuality/Gender

Self-esteem & Confidence


Providing a safe and confidential place to get support, insight, guidance, tools, resources and skills regarding parenting.


Every child has different needs, understanding, and supporting, a child with mental health struggles is not something you have to do on your own. 


As therapist we are her to help you manage the ups, downs and daily challenges of life as a parent.

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Research shows child and adolescent therapy along side parent coaching sessions results in higher positive therapeutic outcomes. This is why we recommend all parents take part in at least 2 parent coaching sessions.

We also offer parent specific therapy. This is when parents come in to meet with a clinician specifically for parent coaching. Your child does not have to be a client at our practice to participate in parent specific therapy. There is also not a set amount of sessions so you and your clinician can decide together what treatment would look like.

Romantic Couple

Therapeutic Process


Contact MSC - Sch. Intake


by phone or email requesting therapeutic services. One of our therapists will get back to you within 48 hours. The therapist will gather information and pair you with the clinician we feel will fit you best. That clinician will contact you to schedule an intake session and provide insurance and private pay information. 


Consent Forms & Intake Form


Once the intake is scheduled you will be emailed consent forms & an intake form to fill out prior to the session. You can also access the forms under New Clients at the bottom of this page. 


Intake Session


Throughout the intake session the therapist will gather information regarding the reasons for seeking services, current presenting problems, history of concerns and functioning.


Create Treatment Plan Together


The client and therapist will discuss an individualized treatment plan together and schedule a follow-up session. 


Child/Teen Specific


If the client is a child or teen we ask that parents come for the first session. Often times the therapist completing the intake will meet with parents and child/teen separately, then all together at the end of the session. 


Begin Weekly Therapy Sessions


The client and therapist will begin working together on their treatment plan. As therapist we love to know what helps you feel comfortable. Please let us know if you would like to incorporate anything into your therapy i.e., art, writing, coloring, music, etc. 


*For Parent Coaching 


Complete steps 1-3. During the intake you and the clinician will talk about different types of parenting strategies you would like to learn about. Following the intake you will schedule 2 coaching sessions. If you desire more sessions feel free to discuss with your clinician.

Let's start feeling better

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